New Updates

Release : 0.5.1 Release Notes.

Question order improved.
Bug and stability fixes.

Release : 0.5.0 Release Notes.

User Changes:
• Mapping has been improved, and maps now load correctly when navigating back to a location.
• Many bugfixes and enhancements to improve the mobile user experience.

Admin Changes:
• Admin Policy Builder experience enhanced and streamlined.
• Admins can bulk import users from a CSV file on the add user screen.
• Managers can re-allow users access if they were denied for 24 hours due to an answer.
• We can now bulk import locations - talk to your SafeAccess contact and we can help.

• Some other minor bug fixes.

New : Inviting Users

Users are now invitable. Soon this will be added to the user interface.

New : Updated Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions have been updated. If you haven't confirmed acceptance, please do so when logging in.

New : Site Usage Updated.

Policies for site usage have been updated.

New : New custom procedures

There are new custom procedures available soon.